The Best 72 Zuppa Toscana Copycat Recipes – Vote For Your Favorite!

Zuppa Toscana is a soup available at The Olive Garden restaurant. Zuppa Toscana is a traditional Italian recipe. It originated in Tuscany and is a soup made from sausage, bacon and greens in a chicken broth with potatoes and cream. The name Zuppa Toscana literally means Tuscan Soup in Italian. Pretty much anyone who has been to Olive Garden has tasted their amazing Zuppa Toscana and loved it. This simple sausage and potato concoction apparently has the power to warm people’s souls and make them happier. The best part about this soup is that it is 100% a meal on its own. With lots of meat, potatoes, and a serving a greens, this is a perfectly hearty meal when served with a good loaf of crusty bread.

72 zuppa toscana recipes

Here are the best 72 zuppa toscana copycat recipes, listed in no particular order. Please scroll down to vote for your favorite. Warning: this is a very image-heavy post!


The Best 56 Panang Curry Recipes – Vote For Your Favorite!

Phanaeng curry, panang curry, or penang curry is a type of Thai curry that is generally milder than other Thai curries. It traditionally includes dried chili peppers, galangal, lemongrass, coriander root, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, garlic, shrimp paste and salt, and sometimes also shallots and peanuts. A popular phanaeng curry dish is beef phanaeng, which is a dish based on beef in a curry sauce. The traditional dish contains beef cut in thin strips, kaffir lime leaves, coconut milk, phanaeng curry paste, palm sugar and fish sauce. The dish typically contains thick coconut milk and will have very little other liquids added. For vegetarians, tofu can be used in place of beef.

Phanaeng curry is named after Penang island, an island which is located in Malaysia. In Penang, this dish is mostly served by the Malay and Peranakan people of Penang.

There are 463 calories in 1 serving of Typical Restaurant Panang Curry Chicken.

The Best 56 Panang Curry Recipes

Here are the best 56 panang curry recipes, listed in no particular order. Please scroll down to vote for your favorite. Warning: this is a very image-heavy post!


71 Healthy Dinner Recipes to Try

We all know that eating healthy, homemade dinners — and avoiding the fast food drive-thru — can be a real challenge. (Health food can seem so, well, boring sometimes!) Not to worry. With these healthy dinner recipes, making mindful eating choices has never been easier. Check out these 71 fresh, flavorful, satisfying dishes. You may not believe they’re actually healthy, but they are!

1-Hour White Bean Chili

1 Hour White Bean Chili recipe picture

1-Hour White Bean Chili recipe


The Most Beautiful (and Easy) 46 Christmas Desserts on the Net

Christmas is the most joyous and magical time of the year. Bring a smile to the faces of your guests this Christmas with one of these delicious desserts.

Our yummy Christmas selection of beautiful desserts is sure to impress your friends and family. So fill up your plates with these gorgeous, delicious holiday treats. We have 46+ recipes to pick from!

Most Beautiful Christmas Desserts TheFoodExplorer


The Food Explorer’s Favorite 50+ Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Christmas Punch Recipes

Punch is the ultimate party drink, perfect for generously ladling into your guests’ glasses from a communal bowl. Check out our favorite punchy concoctions for Christmas – they are all festive and delicious!

The Food Explorers Favorite 50 Alcoholic Non Alcoholic Christmas Punch Recipes

Top 50 Best Thanksgiving Pecan Pie Recipes on the Net

The turkey may take center stage for the first half of the meal, but these delicious Thanksgiving pecan pies will give a showstopping sweet ending. From classic pecan pies to pecan pie cookies, pecan pie bars, pecan pie truffles, pecan pie granola or pecan pie cheesecake, here are 50 fabulous pecan pie recipes that will make your Thanksgiving a wonderful one.

The recipes are listed in no particular order. If you think there are other recipes that also deserve to be on this list, please let us know.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Top 50 Pecan Pie Recipes


Top 50 Best Grilled Prawn Salad Recipes on the Net

We have gathered the best 50 grilled prawn salad recipes on the net. Make use of fresh or frozen prawns with these 50 delicious grilled prawn salads (listed in no particular order).

If you think other recipes also deserve to be on this list, please leave a comment.

50 Grilled Prawn Salad Recipes short


Best 25 Twinkie Cupcake Recipes found on Pinterest

Twinkies are a pop culture icon, as well as a snack cake. They’re something that everyone can recognize, even if your mom never packed one of the cream filled sponge cakes in your lunchbox when you were a kid. Unfortunately, Twinkies are treats that definitely tasted better as a kid, as adults tend to notice that Twinkies, although chock full of nostalgia, are not exactly packed with flavor. If you like the nostalgia of a Twinkie and want to make a homemade version that lives up to the memory of that school snack, try one of these homemade Twinkie Cupcakes.

twinkie cupcakes


Best Crock Pot Recipes on the Net (October 2014 Edition) – 225 recipes

Crockpot recipes are very easy to prepare and turn into delicious dishes. We are continuing the tradition to present the best slow cooker recipes of the month, this time with the best crock pot recipes of October 2014, listed in no particular order. Enjoy!

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Best Crock Pot Recipes on the Net October 2014 Edition 225 recipes 573


Top 10 American Comfort Foods

Comfort food is traditionally eaten food which often provides a nostalgic or sentimental feeling to the person eating it, frequently with a high carbohydrate level and a simple preparation. The nostalgic element most comfort food has may be specific to either the individual or a specific culture.

Need a little comfort? Dig into these classic 15 American comfort foods.

Top 10 American Comfort Foods


20 Desserts Under 200 Calories

The Diet Recipes Blog is a blog full of diet recipes, more specifically recipes under 200 calories. You can find lots of main dish recipes, soup recipes, breakfast recipes, and even pasta recipes – all of them under 200 calories per serving. The site also has an extensive collection of low-calorie desserts (more than 100 desserts under 200 calories). Here are some of our favorites:

20 desserts under 200 calories

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