38 Delicious Funnel Cake Recipes

Funnel cake is an absolute classic fair food. No visit to the fair is complete without the purchase of a funnel cake. Simply deep fried batter, piled onto a plate and topped with powdered sugar… yummy!

38 Delicious Funnel Cake Recipes
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Here are 38 delicious funnel cake recipes that you can make at home.

apple cider funnel cakes recipe picture heathers french press
Apple Cider Funnel Cakes Recipe
[Source: Heather's French Press]

bite size pumpkin funnel cake crispies recipe picture dine and dish
Bite-Size Pumpkin Funnel Cake Crispies Recipe
[Source: Dine and Dish]

bulk funnel cake recipe picture dan hoover
Bulk Funnel Cake Recipe
[Source: Dan Hoover]

churros mexican funnel cake recipe picture rural rach
Churros (Mexican Funnel Cake) Recipe
[Source: Rural Rach]

deep fried coca cola funnel cake recipe picture pepper ph
Deep-Fried Coca Cola Funnel Cake Recipe
[Source: Pepper.ph]

easy funnel cake fried dough recipe picture serious eats
Easy Funnel Cake Recipe
[Source: Serious Eats]

easy funnel cakes recipe picture chef in training
Easy Funnel Cakes Recipe
[Source: Chef In Training]

easy funnel cakes recipe picture divas can cook
Easy Funnel Cakes Recipe
[Source: Divas Can Cook]

funnel cake at home recipe picture be kind food
Funnel Cake At Home Recipe
[Source: Be Kind Food]

funnel cake recipe picture caramel potatoes
Funnel Cake Recipe
[Source: Caramel Potatoes]

funnel cake recipe picture ed does it
Funnel Cake Recipe
[Source: E-D Does It]

funnel cake recipe picture feeding my folks
Funnel Cake Recipe
[Source: Feeding My Folks]

funnel cake recipe picture iron whisk
Funnel Cake Recipe
[Source: Iron Whisk]

funnel cake recipe picture macheesmo
Funnel Cake Recipe
[Source: Macheesmo]

funnel cake recipe picture martha stewart
Funnel Cake Recipe
[Source: Martha Stewart]

funnel cake recipe picture tptch
Funnel Cake Recipe
[Source: TPTCH]

funnel cake recipe picture vinnie cooks
Funnel Cake Recipe
[Source: Vinnie Cooks]

funnel cakes just like at fair recipe picture making memories with your kids
Funnel Cakes Just Like at the Fair Recipe
[Source: Making Memories With Your Kids]

funnel cakes recipe picture baby granny
Funnel Cakes Recipe
[Source: Baby Granny]

funnel cakes recipe picture sweetsonian
Funnel Cakes Recipe
[Source: Sweetsonian]

funnel cakes recipe picture vegweb
Funnel Cakes Recipe
[Source: VegWeb]

homemade carnival funnel cake recipe picture the seaside baker
Homemade Carnival Funnel Cake Recipe
[Source: The Seaside Baker]

homemade funnel cake recipe picture oc family
Homemade Funnel Cake Recipe
[Source: OC Family]

homemade funnel cake recipe picture six sisters stuff
Homemade Funnel Cake Recipe
[Source: Six Sisters Stuff]

homemade funnel cakes recipe cooking bride
Homemade Funnel Cakes Recipe
[Source: Cooking Bride]

hot apple cider funnel cakes recipe picture dine and dish
Bite-Size Pumpkin Funnel Cake Crispies Recipe
[Source: Dine and Dish]

mexican chocolate funnel cake recipe picture nomad with cookies
Mexican Chocolate Funnel Cake Recipe
[Source: Nomad With Cookies]

mini funnel cakes dessert recipe picture somewhere splendid
Mini Funnel Cakes Dessert Recipe
[Source: Somewhere Splendid]

mini funnel cakes recipe picture cakey boi
Mini Funnel Cakes Recipe
[Source: Cakey Boi]

mini funnel cakes recipe picture feed me seymour blog
Mini Funnel Cakes Recipe
[Source: Feed Me Seymour Blog]

orange cardamom funnel cake recipe picture he needs food
Orange & Cardamom Funnel Cake Recipe
[Source: He Needs Food]

paula deen funnel cakes recipe picture food network
Paula Deen’s Funnel Cakes Recipe
[Source: Food Network]

perfect fair funnel cakes recipe picture freckled fox
Perfect Fair Funnel Cakes Recipe
[Source: Freckled Fox]

perfect funnel cake at home recipe picture created by diane
Perfect Funnel Cake At Home Recipe
[Source: Created By Diane]

pumpkin funnel cakes recipe picture something swanky
Pumpkin Funnel Cakes Recipe
[Source: Something Swanky]

red velvet funnel cake recipe picture celebrations
Red Velvet Funnel Cake Recipe
[Source: Celebrations]

state fair funnel cake recipe picture fun saving money
State Fair Funnel Cake Recipe
[Source: Fun Saving Money]

strawberries and cream funnel cake recipe picture sbs com au
Strawberries and Cream Funnel Cake Recipe
[Source: SBS.com.au]

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