12 New Mexican Biscochitos Recipes

The biscochito is a small anise-flavored cookie, which was brought to New Mexico by the early Spaniards. The cookie is used during special celebrations, wedding receptions, baptisms, Christmas season, and other holidays. It was chosen to help maintain traditional home-baked cookery.

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The New Mexico Legislature adopted the biscochito (bizcochito) as the official state cookie in 1989. This act made New Mexico the first state to have an official state cookie.

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12 Easy & Delicious Biscochitos Recipes

Here are some delicious biscochitos recipes.

biscochito cookies recipe picture (the kitchen witch blog)
Biscochito Cookies Recipe
[Source: The Kitchen Witch]

biscochitos new mexican christmas cookies recipe picture (serious eats)
Biscochitos (New Mexican Christmas Cookies) Recipe
[Source: Serious Eats]

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biscochitos new mexico tranditional cookie recipe picture (Mangia Bella)
Biscochitos (New Mexico Tranditional Cookies) Recipe
[Source: Mangia Bella]

biscochitos recipe picture (apple crumbles)
Biscochitos Recipe
[Source: Apple Crumbles]

biscochitos recipe picture (foodists.ca)
Bischochitos Recipe
[Source: Foodists.ca]

bizcochitos recipe picture (chaotic compendiums)
Bizchochitos Recipe
[Source: Chaotic Compendiums]

christmas cookies coffee anise biscochitos recipe picture (provecho peru)
Christmas Cookies: Coffee Anise Biscochitos Recipe
[Source: Provecho Peru]

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duck fat biscochitos recipe picture (d'artagnan blog)
Duck Fat Biscochitos Recipe
[Source: D’Artagnan Blog]

homemade new mexico biscochitos recipe picture (miss alisa's place)
Homemade New Mexico Biscochitos Recipe
[Source: Miss Alisa’s Place]

new mexican biscochitos recipe picture (liz eats)
New Mexican Biscochitos Recipe
[Source: Liz Eats]

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new mexico biscochitos recipe picture (the tale of two kitchens)
New Mexico Biscochitos Recipe
[Source: The Tale of Two Kitchens]

new mexico cinnamon-flavored biscochitos recipe picture (sweet state of mine)
New Mexico Cinnamon-Flavored Biscochitos Recipe
[Source: Sweet State of Mine]

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